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I'm alive! ... Well, kinda. Lots of new stuff has kept Drogan from updating.. Lack of computer caused a bunch of this mess. But I gots me a new laptop for Christmas, so I'll be able to update more often! Yay for not having a life! And I kept failing at typing the story, so I just gave it to Livi. Maybe she'll do it sometime soon... :P

I'll be able to post some little stories more often now, so don't forget to watch for those. They'll all be insane as always. :D

And I thought maybe you people would like to see the project I turned in for my computer class. We were supposed to use MS Powerpoint to make a persuasive presentation to some fictional business, requesting some service or change in the way the business is run or something... I can't believe I made a 105 on this, AND the teacher gave me a cookie! Even though I did not follow any of the rules at all...
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A tired and unkempt Jansen was sitting in his room, huddled over the computer, all other lights turned off.

Jansen: (thinking) Well, Livi, I might not be in love with you as your friend says, and you might not love me as the letter said, but the least I can do is take down the fellow who got us both into this mess...

Jansen has been at his computer, searching facts about the one called Evan, for three days with no food, water or rest.

Jansen: (quietly) I'll show you not to mess with a vampire. You'll regret this one, Evan. Heh heh heh...

Jansen checks his email, and gets an idea. Why not try to team up with Livi to get revenge on Evan? He thought it was worth a shot...

I'm sure you've had enough of me for a while, but if you aren't doing anything, would you care to join me in capturing Evan, and teaching him a lesson for messing with us? I'm open to new ideas, and whatever cruel and unusual forms of punishment you can think up. If not, I understand as well.

Jansen hit "send" and leaned back in his chair, relaxing for the first time in three days. This was most certainly going to be fun...





Talia: Hey Ced, whats up with Jansen?

Cedric: What do you mean?

Talia: He hasn't come out of his room for three days. I'm worried about him...

Cedric: He's a vampire, he can handle anything.

Talia: But he still has to eat...

Cedric: Just leave a goat or something tied up outside the door. I'm sure he would appreciate that.

Talia: This isn't funny, numb nuts! Something is seriously wrong. Ever since he got that letter in the mail, I haven't seen or heard from him at all.

Cedric: Wait, what letter? He never gets letters...

Talia: Exactly! And I didn't recognize the name on the letter either. What do you think it was?

Cedric: Maybe he's behind on his mortgage payments...

Talia: Cedric....

Cedric: Yeah?


Cedric: Oh yeah...

Talia:...If you aren't going to take this seriously, I'm going to find someone who will.

Cedric: Be my guest....

Talia goes upstairs and knocks on Dax's door.

Dax: (behind door) Come in!

Talia: (peeks in) Are you busy?

Dax: Not at all, now whats wrong?

Talia: I'm worried about Jansen. He hasn't come out of his room in three days. He hasn't eaten either, since he got a letter from some stranger.

Dax: Hm, that is rather odd, but still, I wouldn't worry about him. Jansen is a smart guy. He wouldn't do anything stupid.

Talia: (smiles) Thanks Dax. You're the best.

Talia leaves the room, leaving Dax deep in thought.

Dax: (to himself) I sure hope he doesn't do anything stupid....


Lookit! I was talking to Caleb Cox, and he made me the secretary of his Jazz Band. Which means I have to do more work than everyone put together! YAY!

And it also means, Moolatte, if you don't do the jazz band, I might have to rip your forehead off. No offense, of course.


Sorry about my non-updating self. If you're one of my facebook friends, I haven't been on there in forever either, but I have been tagged in 40 million photos. I swear, people try to find me in odd moments and take pictures of me NOT looking at the camera... Oh well, just remember, idiots make life fun! (Livi, that was for you)

I just got back from a day of fun and awkward moments at Six Flags with the band. My band director couldn't ride any roller coasters because he has a pacemaker, so he just sat there and looked pretty all day.

I have written a few short stories for the site, but I have come to a huge mountain of indifference and non-inspiration. I don't want to climb over it right now, or even walk around it.

I didn't get detention last week. Rats. I'll just have to try harder next week. Any ideas? I'm trying to be original. The last time I got detention was for asking Coach Chester where babies came from, and the time before that was the snowball fight in the Storm Center.

Gifts of inspiration? Cookies? Please?


~~~   }<>  <- Its a fishy

*knock knock*

Cedric: (Looks at the door) Anyone order pizza?

Talia: I didn't.

Cedric: Go get the door.

Talia: No.

Cedric: Ugh, you are so lazy. JANSEN!!

Jansen: (walks in the room) Yes?

Cedric: Go get the door.

Jansen: (rolls his eyes) Okay. (Opens door)

Cedric: Who is it?

Jansen: Uh, no one. Just a box.

Cedric: Eh? (Gets up to go look) Whats in it?

Jansen: I dunno.

Talia: Someone poke it.

Jansen: (pokes it with his foot.)

Box: *Squeak*

Cedric: EEP! (jumps into Jansen's arms) It moved!

Talia: (Hiding behind Jansen) Go open it Jansen.

Jansen: (reaches forward, then Cedric and Talia run inside to hide) Why must I be surrounded by idiots? (reaches forward again, opens the box)

Cedric: (Hiding behind the door) What is it?

Jansen: I-Its a...puppy....

Cedric: What?!?

Jansen: Look! (holds it in front of Cedric's face) Hm. I guess it is.

Jansen: What do we do with it?

Cedric: I dunno.

The Puppy bites Jansen's finger, making his Vampire ring fall on the floor. The Puppy jumps out of Jansen's arms and eats the ring.

Cedric: OMG!!
The puppy makes a loud popping noise, and it changed completely. Its fur turned black and white, and it now has super ice blue eyes.

Puppy: Ow. That burned.

Jansen and Cedric: !!!

Puppy: Woah, I can talk.

Jansen: Wow.

Cedric: Hey dog, what happened?

Puppy: Hey, my name is not dog.

Jansen: Then what is it?

Puppy: I dunno.

Cedric: (Falls over) Well you need a name. How about Axel?

Puppy: Okay. Now what?

Jansen: Well, I guess you go home.

Axel: I'm already there.

Cedric: ...fine. But the first time you pee on the furniture, you're out o

}<> <- Fredward, my fishy friend


This is a sad story of a failed attempt at getting my learners...

I was at the Department Of Retarded People Who Make This Soooo Much Harder Than It Has To Be (DORPWMTSMHTIHTB) AKA Department of Transportation. I've been in line for like 30 minutes and moved half a foot. Out of nowhere I hear tiny voices behind me.

"...OMG is that Allyson?"
"I think it is"
"Lets poke her, see if she looks"

So, many painful jabs later, I find myself a few spaces in front of Shelby and Katie. We talk until I get to the front, then they turn around to talk to someone else. Well, I don't have my ID so I can't take the test. :P.

The next day at school, Shelby runs to me and says "Did you get your learners?!"
Me: No!
Shelby: Me neither!!
Both: YEEEEE!! *high five, then happy dance*
Smiddly: Do I want to know?
Me: Not really...
Smiddly: Alrighty then.

Then I went to gym and found the ice machine, so I started a snowball fight in the gym. Coach Chester didn't think it was as funny as we did.


Comment here about the new story.

On an unrelated note, I was talking to some random person on the internet, and she told me she could guess my personality if I answered a few questions.

Here are the questions:
1. What would you do with one wish?
2. If a teacher said that there was a poster contest with a poster due tomorrow for 10 extra grade points, would you do it?
3. What would you do if you saw an injured puppy on the road?
4. You were invited to your best friend's Birthday at her small house and a popular girl's party at Mexico.(same day) which do you go to?
5. List top three favorite colors.

Here are my answers:
2. Sure.
3. Stop and help it.
4. Best friend's (Mexico is lame)
5. Purple, red, lime green (in that order)

She said:
You act pretty normal with friends but show your differences with your
BEST friends. There is a weird thing going on in your head that you will
not tell ANYONE. You are pretty nice and pretty smart too.



And you all did too!

The Game is a game we play at C'ville. There are only 2 rules to The Game:
1: If you think about the game, you lose.
2: If you lose, you have to say "I lost the game", which makes others think about the Game.

You can never "win" the game, its just a matter of how long it takes until you lose the game.
Get it?


I got a random idea at like 2 am last night; awards!
Copy and paste the awards onto a comment box or an email, and beside the award name, put the name of the person that you think that reminds you most of the...whatever....

Most Annoying-
Biggest Loser-
Most Interesting Youtube Video/Powerpoint-
Best Artist-
Best Website Design/Banner-
Best Author-
Most Random-
Best Icon-
Most Likely To Trip While Standing Still-
Most Likely To Succeed-
Most Likely To Suck At Life-
Thinnest Fat Person-
Most Original Internet Name-

I will add any more that you can think of. Vote, and in a few days see the answers.