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I'm alive! ... Well, kinda. Lots of new stuff has kept Drogan from updating.. Lack of computer caused a bunch of this mess. But I gots me a new laptop for Christmas, so I'll be able to update more often! Yay for not having a life! And I kept failing at typing the story, so I just gave it to Livi. Maybe she'll do it sometime soon... :P

I'll be able to post some little stories more often now, so don't forget to watch for those. They'll all be insane as always. :D

And I thought maybe you people would like to see the project I turned in for my computer class. We were supposed to use MS Powerpoint to make a persuasive presentation to some fictional business, requesting some service or change in the way the business is run or something... I can't believe I made a 105 on this, AND the teacher gave me a cookie! Even though I did not follow any of the rules at all...
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