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On an unrelated note, I was talking to some random person on the internet, and she told me she could guess my personality if I answered a few questions.

Here are the questions:
1. What would you do with one wish?
2. If a teacher said that there was a poster contest with a poster due tomorrow for 10 extra grade points, would you do it?
3. What would you do if you saw an injured puppy on the road?
4. You were invited to your best friend's Birthday at her small house and a popular girl's party at Mexico.(same day) which do you go to?
5. List top three favorite colors.

Here are my answers:
2. Sure.
3. Stop and help it.
4. Best friend's (Mexico is lame)
5. Purple, red, lime green (in that order)

She said:
You act pretty normal with friends but show your differences with your
BEST friends. There is a weird thing going on in your head that you will
not tell ANYONE. You are pretty nice and pretty smart too.



And you all did too!

The Game is a game we play at C'ville. There are only 2 rules to The Game:
1: If you think about the game, you lose.
2: If you lose, you have to say "I lost the game", which makes others think about the Game.

You can never "win" the game, its just a matter of how long it takes until you lose the game.
Get it?


I got a random idea at like 2 am last night; awards!
Copy and paste the awards onto a comment box or an email, and beside the award name, put the name of the person that you think that reminds you most of the...whatever....

Most Annoying-
Biggest Loser-
Most Interesting Youtube Video/Powerpoint-
Best Artist-
Best Website Design/Banner-
Best Author-
Most Random-
Best Icon-
Most Likely To Trip While Standing Still-
Most Likely To Succeed-
Most Likely To Suck At Life-
Thinnest Fat Person-
Most Original Internet Name-

I will add any more that you can think of. Vote, and in a few days see the answers.