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This is a sad story of a failed attempt at getting my learners...

I was at the Department Of Retarded People Who Make This Soooo Much Harder Than It Has To Be (DORPWMTSMHTIHTB) AKA Department of Transportation. I've been in line for like 30 minutes and moved half a foot. Out of nowhere I hear tiny voices behind me.

"...OMG is that Allyson?"
"I think it is"
"Lets poke her, see if she looks"

So, many painful jabs later, I find myself a few spaces in front of Shelby and Katie. We talk until I get to the front, then they turn around to talk to someone else. Well, I don't have my ID so I can't take the test. :P.

The next day at school, Shelby runs to me and says "Did you get your learners?!"
Me: No!
Shelby: Me neither!!
Both: YEEEEE!! *high five, then happy dance*
Smiddly: Do I want to know?
Me: Not really...
Smiddly: Alrighty then.

Then I went to gym and found the ice machine, so I started a snowball fight in the gym. Coach Chester didn't think it was as funny as we did.