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Sorry about my non-updating self. If you're one of my facebook friends, I haven't been on there in forever either, but I have been tagged in 40 million photos. I swear, people try to find me in odd moments and take pictures of me NOT looking at the camera... Oh well, just remember, idiots make life fun! (Livi, that was for you)

I just got back from a day of fun and awkward moments at Six Flags with the band. My band director couldn't ride any roller coasters because he has a pacemaker, so he just sat there and looked pretty all day.

I have written a few short stories for the site, but I have come to a huge mountain of indifference and non-inspiration. I don't want to climb over it right now, or even walk around it.

I didn't get detention last week. Rats. I'll just have to try harder next week. Any ideas? I'm trying to be original. The last time I got detention was for asking Coach Chester where babies came from, and the time before that was the snowball fight in the Storm Center.

Gifts of inspiration? Cookies? Please?


~~~   }<>  <- Its a fishy

*knock knock*

Cedric: (Looks at the door) Anyone order pizza?

Talia: I didn't.

Cedric: Go get the door.

Talia: No.

Cedric: Ugh, you are so lazy. JANSEN!!

Jansen: (walks in the room) Yes?

Cedric: Go get the door.

Jansen: (rolls his eyes) Okay. (Opens door)

Cedric: Who is it?

Jansen: Uh, no one. Just a box.

Cedric: Eh? (Gets up to go look) Whats in it?

Jansen: I dunno.

Talia: Someone poke it.

Jansen: (pokes it with his foot.)

Box: *Squeak*

Cedric: EEP! (jumps into Jansen's arms) It moved!

Talia: (Hiding behind Jansen) Go open it Jansen.

Jansen: (reaches forward, then Cedric and Talia run inside to hide) Why must I be surrounded by idiots? (reaches forward again, opens the box)

Cedric: (Hiding behind the door) What is it?

Jansen: I-Its a...puppy....

Cedric: What?!?

Jansen: Look! (holds it in front of Cedric's face) Hm. I guess it is.

Jansen: What do we do with it?

Cedric: I dunno.

The Puppy bites Jansen's finger, making his Vampire ring fall on the floor. The Puppy jumps out of Jansen's arms and eats the ring.

Cedric: OMG!!
The puppy makes a loud popping noise, and it changed completely. Its fur turned black and white, and it now has super ice blue eyes.

Puppy: Ow. That burned.

Jansen and Cedric: !!!

Puppy: Woah, I can talk.

Jansen: Wow.

Cedric: Hey dog, what happened?

Puppy: Hey, my name is not dog.

Jansen: Then what is it?

Puppy: I dunno.

Cedric: (Falls over) Well you need a name. How about Axel?

Puppy: Okay. Now what?

Jansen: Well, I guess you go home.

Axel: I'm already there.

Cedric: ...fine. But the first time you pee on the furniture, you're out o

}<> <- Fredward, my fishy friend