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What do you think? Suggestions? Gifts of chocolate?
I really need the last one.

12/29/2008 08:51:42 am

(throws chocolate at you)

Love the site! Noticed you keep publishing in the middle of sentences, though...

12/29/2008 08:51:44 am

I want to become a chef, too! I like the site. Bring back the funny pictures. :)

12/29/2008 09:23:10 am

mwahahahahaha.... the Insanity is spreading...


anyway, love the site! what little you have posted at least! hurry up and finish! i gotta see the Insanity the YOU can cook up! this is gonna be great.... (evil maniacal laughter)

Daiyori: Durithyll's laughing. evilly. that is SO not good.

Roake: no... apparently she and liv just sucked another poor soul into the Insanity.

Daiyori: ha! sucks for her!! i take it this "poor soul" is a girl?

Roake: yes, but you do know that, like all fangirls and with similar species, they all tend to... feed off each other. so with one more addition to the Insanity means four times the Insanity.

Daiyori: are you kidding me!?!? dealing with THREE durithyll's is bad enough!! we don't need ANOTHER one!!!

Durithyll: are YOU kidding ME!? heck yes we do!!

12/29/2008 11:09:07 pm

Love it! I am good @ Guitar Hero myself...:)

12/30/2008 12:29:41 am

Heck yes I publish in the middle of sentences!!

Thats about how long I pay attention!!

8/15/2010 01:59:11 pm

Have but few friends, though many acquaintances.


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