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~~~   }<>  <- Its a fishy

*knock knock*

Cedric: (Looks at the door) Anyone order pizza?

Talia: I didn't.

Cedric: Go get the door.

Talia: No.

Cedric: Ugh, you are so lazy. JANSEN!!

Jansen: (walks in the room) Yes?

Cedric: Go get the door.

Jansen: (rolls his eyes) Okay. (Opens door)

Cedric: Who is it?

Jansen: Uh, no one. Just a box.

Cedric: Eh? (Gets up to go look) Whats in it?

Jansen: I dunno.

Talia: Someone poke it.

Jansen: (pokes it with his foot.)

Box: *Squeak*

Cedric: EEP! (jumps into Jansen's arms) It moved!

Talia: (Hiding behind Jansen) Go open it Jansen.

Jansen: (reaches forward, then Cedric and Talia run inside to hide) Why must I be surrounded by idiots? (reaches forward again, opens the box)

Cedric: (Hiding behind the door) What is it?

Jansen: I-Its a...puppy....

Cedric: What?!?

Jansen: Look! (holds it in front of Cedric's face) Hm. I guess it is.

Jansen: What do we do with it?

Cedric: I dunno.

The Puppy bites Jansen's finger, making his Vampire ring fall on the floor. The Puppy jumps out of Jansen's arms and eats the ring.

Cedric: OMG!!
The puppy makes a loud popping noise, and it changed completely. Its fur turned black and white, and it now has super ice blue eyes.

Puppy: Ow. That burned.

Jansen and Cedric: !!!

Puppy: Woah, I can talk.

Jansen: Wow.

Cedric: Hey dog, what happened?

Puppy: Hey, my name is not dog.

Jansen: Then what is it?

Puppy: I dunno.

Cedric: (Falls over) Well you need a name. How about Axel?

Puppy: Okay. Now what?

Jansen: Well, I guess you go home.

Axel: I'm already there.

Cedric: ...fine. But the first time you pee on the furniture, you're out o

}<> <- Fredward, my fishy friend

4/3/2009 09:24:15 am

Yay another character!!! Oh and I love Fredward! Blub...

4/3/2009 11:58:42 pm

Aww, I love puppies!

4/13/2009 07:28:30 am

Hey! You don't cheer when I get a new character!!

But I love it!! Poor Jansen... Vampires just seem like idiot magnets, huh?

Ace: You have NO idea...

"Ugh, you are so lazy. JANSEN!! Get the door!!"

I love Cedric. He makes me laugh...

4/18/2009 06:45:02 am

Yo!! Updates!!

Mamma Mia! Teaser on the blogspot and Part 1 on the sub-ins page!! YAY!!

4/18/2009 01:07:59 pm

Hey, sorry I died.

3/2/2011 10:37:39 am

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4/24/2011 05:23:19 pm

A man has two ears and one mouth that he may hear much and speak little.


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