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Random: Something made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision.

Things you don't understand and jokes you don't get are NOT random. Randomness is not a skill you are born with, it takes time, training, and very patient friends. Being random is doing things that make people laugh, but at the same time, making them question your sanity. Random is going up to someone you don't know and giving them a hug. Random is going through the phonebook, calling people you've never heard of, and trying to start a conversation. Random is going swimming while wearing a helmet. Random is carrying a box of crayons around with you 24/7, and screaming when anyone touches them. Random is crying in the corner then singing "Happy Birthday" at the top of you lungs when someone comforts you. Someone might say any of these random acts could be called stupid, retarded, idiotic, or special. And yes, they could be. It all depends on the perspective. And seriously, who's the most random person you know?

If that person isn't me, I'm going to cry.



I lost my box of crayons!
A reward of 15 cents will be given to whoever finds them.
The world might explode if they are not returned.
I will personally CUT the LOSER who stole them.
That is all.


I wrote this at 2:00 AM, so it might be retarded.

(Cedric walks into the TV room wearing huge pants, a giant shirt, and a hat pulled to the side)

Cedric: Hey homies! Whats up?

Talia: What are you wearing???

Cedric: I'm going to be gangster now. (pulls pants up)

Dax: Thats nice.

Cedric: Don't be haters! I'm gonna be big! A real gangster! Just call me MC Ced. (pulls pants up)

Talia: (rolls eyes)

Cedric: With my rappin' sidekick, Rap Master Jansen!

Jansen: What?!?

Cedric: Hurry up, go get your Gangster clothes on.

Jansen: No thanks, I prefer to be normal.

Cedric: Eh, suit yourself.

(Spud walks in, wearing exactly what Cedric is wearing)

Spud: OMG Cedric! Thats mine outfit! Its like you planned to dress like me! You're like the twin I always wanted!

Dax: (rolls eyes)

Cedric: (looks at his clothes) Maybe this is a bad idea... (walks off to change)

Spud: Wait for me, new twin! (starts to walk away, but his pants fall down) Hehe, lookit, I has ankle warmers now! (waddles away)

Jansen: *sigh* We will never be normal, will we?

Dax and Talia: Nope.


(The Gang is in the TV room. Jansen is changing the channels.)

Jansen: What does everyone want to watch?

Cedric: Check the movie channels.

Jansen: Okay. (click click click)

Dax: Stop!

Jansen: (falls out of chair) ...Can I help you?

Dax: Go back to the news!!!

Jansen: Uh...okay... (click click click)

Dax: Shhhh!

News Guy: Breaking news from Here, two local fangirls went mad on a strange substance called "Squee". The suspects went on a two hour rampage, running wildly in the streets, causing mischief and chaos. Local authorities are testing this "Squee", but no illegal properties have been found. This is Al Coholic, with the 7:00 news.

Jansen: That Here place sounds...uh...wow...

Dax: It makes Insanity sound normal...


Talia: Shut up!

Spud: NOOOO!!!!

Cedric: STOP!!! (smacks Spud with a broom)

Spud: EEEEEEEE... (runs away)

Jansen: ...*sigh*

This little thing was inspired by the weird guy on the news, Evan, and 2009!!!


(The Gang is in the Games Room, having a Guitar Hero Championship)

Cedric: Woo! Another victim has fallen to the might and raw power of the Ced-Man!

Talia: Of course you won, Spud was holding the guitar upside down.

Spud: (sweeping the floor with the guitar) I was not! Cedric is just a cheating! (runs and hides in closet)

Cedric: I don't need to cheat. I have extreme talent!

Dax: And a rather large ego...

Cedric: Hey! I can, and will beat anyone who dares face me!

Talia: You've never played Jansen.

Cedric: Hey! You're right! What about it Jansen?

Jansen: Uh, I-I don't think-

Talia: Come on, you can do it!

Jansen: A-alright. I'll try. (Jansen slowly takes guitar and puts the neckstrap around his neck.)

Cedric: Alright! Its on!

 ~ About 4 minutes later ~

Cedric: (staring at the screen in disbelief) Are...ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? I'VE NEVER LOST A GAME OF GUITAR HERO IN MY LIFE!!!

Jansen: I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to-

Cedric: Don't be sorry! (Kneels in front of Jansen, who looks confused) Teach me, O Great One!

Jansen: Uh...

Cedric: What is your secret!! I MUST KNOW!!!

Jansen: I...uh...look at the screen, and... uh... press the buttons when the uh... notes come on the, uh... screen...

Cedric: Great! I'll try that next time! Thanks! (runs from room, prancing like a ballerina)

Talia: Uh, did Cedric take his medicine today?

Dax: No.

Talia: Ah. That explains it.

Jansen: (collapses on couch) Ehhh...I need Aspirin...


What do you think? Suggestions? Gifts of chocolate?
I really need the last one.