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Updates! AT LAST! Check the blog and, more importantly, THE PICTURES!

My last site, atomicmuffin.weebly.com, randomly exploded. So, I made a new one for The Gang!

This might take a while, because I keep getting distracted by LITTLE BROTHERS (gestures at 5 year old), guitar hero, and the "put a banana in your ear" song. I gotta say, that song will change your life. (The bad in the world is hard to hear, when in your ear a banana cheers, so go and put a banana in your earrrrrrr)

I'm new to this whole "character insanity" thing, so... whatever.
Here are the characters, so you don't get all confused.

Oh yeah, the name of this group of wierdos came from our Assistant band director, who insists on calling us "gang" or "big band". Mr. Carter is such a spaz.

Cedric: Cedric is a normal, fun-loving guy. Well, he was, until he inherited 35 billion dollars and a humongous mansion from a Uncle hes never heard of. The second he heard about the inheritance, he grabbed his friends and his Guitar Hero guitar, and ran off to live in the mansion. He is a Self-named Guitar Hero Champion, and can make the best pizza in the Universe (its been proven). He may seem full of himself at times, but he is really thoughtful on the inside. He has dirty blonde hair and ice blue eyes, and he usually wears a pair of blue jeans with holes in the knees, a plain white t-shirt and his red and black high school Letterman jacket (he holds the record for most injuries in one season).

Jansen: Jansen is a vampire, but he doesn't do all the "OOO, I'm going to suck your blood" stuff. He eats people food, and wouldn't hurt a fly. Well, he might if the fly's name was Spud. Jansen has a few problems with Spud, and has little patience with him. But he gets along well with everyone else, as long as they give him his space. He loves to read, and finds Twilight to be amusing, but stupid. He is a bit shy most of the time. He has dark brown semi-longish hair and green eyes, and he always looks like he's deep in thought. He usually wears a pair of dark blue jeans and a purple t-shirt, and he always wears a dark-dark-dark-its-so-dark-blue-its-pretty-much-black leather jacket. When comparing him to the Cullen vampires, he is tall and well-built like Emmett, but he obviously doesn't use his strength very much.

Talia: Talia dreams of becoming a Master Chef. She is a skilled chef, but hasn't had the chance to prove herself yet. Only her friends know how well she can cook. She is usually the one who cooks the meals, and no one complains. She has longish brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears blue jeans and a t-shirt with a witty comment on it.

Dax: Dax is Spud's twin brother. He is the smart one, who all the others go to for advice. He sometimes talks in riddles or quotes. He seems quite proper and refined at first, but relaxes a little when he gets to know you. His use of big words can get a little confusing. He has short black hair and weird yellowish eyes. He usually wears whatever is comfortable, like sweatpants and stuff.

Spud: Every family has one... Spud is the weirdo of the group. He likes to wear his clothes backwards, and refuses to be normal. Hes just a special little moron. Spud is inspired by Evan. He looks just like Dax in his appearance.